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Recreation Networks | Service Terms

RECREATION NETWORKS respects each individuals right to personal privacy. We will not sell or trade any information collected through our web site. Personal information will be used solely in order for RECREATION NETWORKS to fulfill its service to you the customer. This statement applies solely to information collected at RECREATION NETWORKS Web site.

Acceptable Use:
RECREATION NETWORKS goal is to provide the fastest possible internet for all,
while keeping the systems secure and exclusive to members and guests at each recreation facility... to do this, we have a few rules in place to keep things fast and secure.

#1 *Limit (1) Simultaneous connection to a WiFi Device (Laptop/iPad, Phone, iPod, etc) per Membership Account * (you cannot use the same Username on multiple devices at the same time)
-->If you require simultaneous access on multiple devices: You can select up to (4) devices at time of subscription purchase. You cannot add/remove devices after purchase. Must wait until subscription expires OR Register a New Membership.
-->If you don't require simultaneous access - Use our "WiFi Session Control" to Logoff a device and Logon another.

#2 *VOIP Phones or other internet based communications arenot supported. (Google Talk/Skype/Vonage/OOMA/or equivalent)

#3 *Streaming Video, Video Consoles(Wii/PS2/XBox) and or TV over Internet is not supported.(for us to maintain favorable speeds for all users - this protects the Internet connection from over congestion. We are also not able to support / troubleshooting Wii or Playstation type consoles.)

Part I. Information Collection
RECREATION NETWORKS collects information that is necessary to service your RECREATION NETWORKS account. Customers will be asked to provide information that is needed in order to create an account and enable us to fulfill our service commitment to you. Such information includes your name, address, phone number, e-mail address and billing information. We treat this personal information that you provide as highly confidential. Your personal information will never be sold or traded to any third party.

Part II. Information Usage.
The information collected by RECREATION NETWORKS will be used to provide Internet access to customers who sign-up for services. Users who request information will receive email announcements, and possibly a newsletter, if we get around to it and think it will be appreciated. Out of respect for the privacy of our users we present the option to not receive these types of communications.  If our policy on information collection or uses changes, will advise you by indicating a change in policy on our web pages.

Part III. Problem Resolution
If problems arise, users may contact RECREATION NETWORKS at or visit click the support link.  We are committed to resolving issues promptly.  Refunds will be issued if necessary.  Due to the nature of Internet Traffic we cannot guarantee speeds or even internet uptime.  To give you the BEST Possible experience, we use only Premium Business Class Services with Verizon and Comcast and are committed to resolving internet connectivity issues ASAP is a problem does arise.  Wireless interference can also cause issues, we will do our best to help you obtain the best connectivity.

Part IV. Data Storage and Security
RECREATION NETWORKS protects user information with the following security measures: secure servers, firewalls, SSL encryption and other technology and procedures used to protect consumer privacy.
If you have any further questions about privacy or security, please contact us by sending an email to: