Recreation Networks

On-Demand Pass Information 

"ON-DEMAND" Passes can be purchased at the Main office for most all participating Recreation Networks facilities.
  • Designed for short stays or if you would rather purchase with cash.
  • The Pass has a unique/preset WiFi UserID and Password to be used for access to the Internet for said amount of time.
  • The Timer for your Pass will start upon your 1st Login.
    • Example:  If you buy a 24 Hour ON-DEMAND pass and you login at 10:00am.  This account will remain active until 10:00am the next day.  (Its OK to shutdown your laptop, you can turn it on a re-login the next morning.  Just stay within the purchased period of time.)

Longer Stay?  Wish to Pay with Credit Card? Looking for the Full Benefit of the Recreation Network?  A Full Subscription is best.

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